So Good at Love CD Kneehigh

TRISTAN AND YSEULT THEME  from Tristan & Yseult   |  SEXY STARLIGHT  from A Matter of Life and Death    |   THE WIDE LAGOON  from Brief Encounter  |   COLD LIGHT OF DAY  from Cymbeline  |   NO MORE A ROVING  from Nights at the Circus  |   ONLY BELIEVE  from A Matter of Life and Death  |   FEAR NO MORE THE HEAT OF THE SUN from Cymbeline  |   DIE OLD CENTURY DIE  from Nights at the Circus |   SO GOOD AT LOVE  from Brief Encounter  |   ZERLINA  from Don John  |   OH SINK DOWN  from Tristan & Yseult  |   LEMON TREES  from Nights at the Circus  

Recorded by Rik Dowding / Mixed by Stu Matthews at State of Art Studios, Bristol  |  Mastered at Optimum Mastering, Bristol  |  Produced by Stu Barker  |  Coordinated by Matt Booth for BMF

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